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Prize-winning design quality: The Palm Sorona® Plate and Bowl Collection triumphs in Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016

The  Palm Sorona® Plate and Bowl Collection has just been awarded with the Red Dot, the international distinction for high design quality. Participants from 57 nations had registered about 5,200 products and innovations for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016. Only products which set themselves apart considerably through their excellent design receive the sought-after quality seal from the international Red Dot jury.

This is the 2nd Red Dot awarded to Palm Products, the first being for the Marc Newson Unbreakable Drinkware collection in 2014. The Red Dot Award is awarded by Design Centrum in Essen in Germany. It is probably the most difficult and the most prestigious design award to win.

No other competitor has recently won a Red Dot award for similar products.

It demonstrates Palm Products’ leadership position, its values and the innovative spirit of the staff and the support of key suppliers. Robert Wilson was responsible for the Sorona® Plate and Bowl collection’s conception, design, technical development and production development.

Palm Caffe Cup

WED_1737 cropLaunched at the Ambiente Homeware Show in February 2016 in Frankfurt Germany in February, the Caffe Cup has had an amazing reception wherever it has been presented.

The idea is to maintain the emotional pleasure of drinking coffee (or tea) from a cup, whilst adding the convenience of a spill-proof travel cup.

Emotionally the design is beautiful, the combination of hard and soft materials and rounded shapes is beautiful to hold, the lid opens to allow the coffee to be drunk from like an open cup and the coffee can be seen through 3 unique windows. The colours add another dimension.

Functionally it keeps the coffee hot twice as long as a cup, is made from no odour, no taste materials, its fits under an espresso machine, the lid clicks open and clicks closed, the design is short and stable and has a non-slip base which acts as a coaster, it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, and its contents can be reheated in a microwave.

Sustainably it replaces disposable takeaway cups saving energy and land-fill, is made from long life unbreakable materials and is 100% recyclable. The cap and lid are made from DuPont Sorona® which contains 35% renewable sourced material

It is beautiful and it works.

It has been designed to be economically made in Australia with only 3 parts that are made using automated production. (Some button closures have up to 9 parts and are virtually impossible to clean)

This unique product utilizes 3 disruptive technologies:

  • Unique 3 wall sandwich construction method developed at Palm (Patent Pending)
  • Unique rotating lid also developed at Palm (International Registered Design)
  • Use of recently developed engineering grade materials to give long life, high performance and aid sustainability

Please call Robert Wilson for further details.

Palm Products

Palm Products is an Australian owned and operated designer and manufacturer of unbreakable drink and tableware products and of precision plastic automotive and building parts. Palm’s consumer products are sold in Australia, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.  The company is the largest supplier of unbreakable drinkware in Australia. Palm’s precision automotive parts are found in Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Porsche, Hyundai vehicles and Volvo and Iveco trucks. Parts are exported to Thailand, Hungry, Spain, India and South Africa. Palm is a leader in automotive lens manufacture and 2-shot moulding.

The winning of a Red Dot Award for our Marc Newson range of drinkware in 2014, and our Sorona® Plate and Bowl Collection in 2016 is a significant achievement that has led to commercial success and sales worldwide – these awards set Palm apart.

It is a reflection that Palm is more a craft based company, in the Italian tradition, rather that a mass producer – it is a place where passion and skill are alive. A deep understanding of injection moulding and a spirit of adventure have led to many “light bulb” moments. All products are made in a Hall of Fame Nominated facility in Melbourne Australia using best available environmental and lean-production practices. It is a synergy of state-of-the-art European equipment, robotics, systems and passionate motivated staff. Values of mutual thrust and goal congruence drive innovation, productivity, quality and our customer focus.

Palm believes that people should own less but better products – ones that give pleasure in use. So our products are beautiful and timeless and avoid trends, they have outstanding functionality and quality, and use the best available materials for a long life. This is Palm’s commitment and contribution to sustainability.

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Designed to Perform Beautifully

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like; design is how it works.”  Steve Jobs

Fundamental to each of Palm Products’ designs is the imperative that it perform its intended function, is appropriate in its environment and is durable. Outdoor drinkware, for example, should be stable and unbreakable.

This passion for performance sets Palm apart. It has led to many design innovations and to the use of advanced ergonomic design techniques and state of the art 2-shot moulding processes to achieve highly functional ground-breaking products.

Design to be beautiful – to give pleasure in use

Beautiful design is central to Palm Products’ strategic vision. It results in products that are functionally, aesthetically, and commercially more efficient, improving people’s lives and leading to the smallest possible impact on the environment.

The core idea is that our products should give pleasure in use.����Pleasure in use is an emotional reaction that is a combination of the sensibilities of the consumer which encompass the aesthetic, the functional, the health and safety and the sustainable. It will be different for each consumer.

We seek that indefinable magic that elevates great art, or great music or great architecture from the noise.

Award Winning Products


Glass range_orange 02 Cropped

The Marc Newson Collection won a 2104 Red Dot Award for high design quality. The Red Dot Design Award is an international product design prize awarded by the Design Centrum Nordrheim Westfalen in Essen, Germany. This award is probably the world’s most sought after difficult to win design award.

Good Design Logo b&s 407kb

The Collection also won a Good Design Award and was selected to be exhibited at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum’s “Success and Innovation gallery”.

The Palm Sorona® Plate and Bowl Collection, designed by Robert Wilson, won a 2016 Red Dot Award and a 2015 Good Design Award.


The Good Design Judges commented: “an intricate intersection of high-end materials, technology, advanced manufacturing and beautiful design – all executed immaculately. The end product is an elegant, functional and highly desirable range that is underpinned by good design and solid environmental credentials.”  

These awards are a recognition of Palm Products design and execution credentials. They demonstrate our success.

Guaranteed Unbreakable and Dishwasher-safe 

All products made from Tritan and Sorona® are guaranteed unbreakable and dishwasher safe in normal use and are microwave safe for re-heating.

These guarantees are possible because only the best materials for the application are used, because of the structural integrity of the designs and because of the rigid control production conditions.

Palm Products offers a lifetime guarantee.(see Environment and Quality More >)

Automotive Quality Standards

TS_16949_Automotive_PMS032          ISO9001 logo

Fundamental to export success is quality. Suppliers to the Automotive industry must deliver zero faulty parts. The disciplines to achieve this quality level are applied to all our products. Palm’s manufacturing facility in Melbourne is accredited to automotive quality standard ISO TS16949, to manufacturing and design standard ISO 9001 and to environment standard ISO 14001.

Palm has been making instrument cluster lenses for Toyota for many years. Best practice skills learnt on how to achieve ripple free, mirror-polished lenses have been further refined and applied to the production of exceptional quality consumer products.

All products are made in Melbourne, Australia. Out-sourcing production to Asia is viewed as compromising the close relation between design, engineering and production necessary to produce these high-end products with the required quality and utility levels. This close relationship drives product innovation, continuous improvement and our commitment to quality.

Quality and pride are our the driving force – not short-term cost saving. Our goals are different to those of most of our competitors. We aim to do things the right way with a clear vision – each decision, by all members of staff, whether large or small, is made with this vision. It guides us each day. Doing things the right way over the long term results in the lowest cost and the highest quality as it drives out waste and inefficiency.

Visitors to our Melbourne factory are amazed at our levels of technology, systems and productivity.


DSP_DSD_QDSS_PMS032Palm Products is certified to Environment standard ISO14001. This standard mandates that there is an effective on-going improvement plan to reduce environmental inputs and outputs

Palm Products is committed to using industry best practice and to introduce ever-more sustainable and safer materials and production processes as they become available. We aim to be at the leading edge.

Sustainability is determined by such factors as whether a product contains renewably source material, the material’s energy of manufacture, the economy of material usage in the product, the energy used during processing, the products useful life, and disposal. Palm Products has taken the following actions:

  • Sorona®, a new 35% Renewably sourced material from DuPont, is used in the new Sorona Plate and Bowl collection, even though it is significantly more expensive than alternatives.
  • In sourcing raw materials, the energy used from extraction, through useful life to disposal is considered
  • Energy efficient European equipment is used
  • Long life materials are used – for example, products made from Tritan and Sorona are guaranteed unbreakable and dishwasher safe and so will out-last lesser material many times – saving replacement.
  • Designs are robust and long lasting
  • All materials used are 100% recyclable
Food Safety – BPA-free and Melamine-free

BPA Free Tritan CroppedPalm Products is a BPA-free company.

There are legitimate questions on the safety of many plastics and of melamine.

Considerable care is taken to ensure that there are no material related issues with our products.


Palm Products has taken the following actions:

  • BPA-containing polycarbonate has been phased out. Polycarbonate is banned in France and in California, under Proposition 65, Bisphenol A is  listed as it is known to Cause Reproductive Toxicity, Effective May 11, 2015.
  • Ethical Material sourcing occurs from leading companies like DuPont and Eastman, who provide certified materials with 100% traceability.
  • Quality certification ensures that systems are in-place to prevent substitution of materials. 100% traceability means that a product can be traced from a consumer, back to the day of production and to the material batch numbers uses. Substitution and trust are considered important issues.
  • Product labelling includes material type
  • If US or Euro authorities have safety concerns expressed as a “minimum daily safe intake” – such as exists for Polycarbonate and Melamine – these materials are not used.

(see Environment and����Quality More >)

Asian-Competitive Delivered Cost

Fundamental to export success is cost competitiveness.

A high degree of vertical integration helps keep the final delivered costs down. Vertical integration has been achieved from product development, through automated production, through direct distribution from factory to customer/distributor, through in-house sales and marketing.

Palm Products is a low-overhead company, utilizing technology, robotics, lean-production systems, an integrated SAP IT system, skilled self-managing staff, and rigid quality systems to achieve Asian-competitive ex-factory costs

Marc Newson

Marc Newson-Vanity Fair

Marc Newson has been described as one of the most influential designers of his generation. He has worked across a wide range of disciplines, creating everything from furniture and household objects, to bicycles and cars, private and commercial aircraft, yachts, various architectural commissions, and signature sculptural pieces for clients across the globe. He is well known for his work with Qantas.
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Robert Wilson

DSCN6600 Cropped

Robert Wilson is the owner and Managing Director of Palm Products.

He has a Bachelor of Engineering from The University of Melbourne and an MBA from The Manchester Business School in the UK.

Prior to purchasing Palm Products over 20 years ago, he had a corporate career spanning Factory Management, Sales, Marketing and General Management with leading fast moving consumer goods companies.

He is an engineer at heart who enjoys the process of developing leading edge products, “making things” and taking them to world markets. He has a life-long interest in Human Engineering and employee participation.

The factory in Moorabbin, Australia is a source of enjoyment and pride.

He strives to maintain a balance in his life between business, family, active sport and the performing arts.